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Store Anything

Upload and store an unlimited amount of data.

Keep costs down

Pay just for what you use, get what you need on demand.

Experienced and trusted

Backblaze currently manages over 750 petabytes of customer storage.

Over 12 years experience in cloud storage with customers in over 150 countries.

Caps & Alerts

Set usage caps and get text/email alerts when you approach them.

Modern Enterprises can Meet The Challenge of The Changing Data Environment

With the right backup solution and strategy, the modern enterprise will be prepared to ensure that its data is protected from accident, disaster, or theft,
whether its data is in one office or dispersed among many locations, and remote and mobile employees.

Backblaze Business Backup is an affordable solution that enables organizations to meet the evolving data demands facing the modern enterprise.

  1. Easy to deploy to workers’ computers
  2.  Fast and unobtrusive client software
  3. No configuration required for most users
  4. Defaults to backing up all valuable data
  5. Works automatically in the background
  1. Data restores are fast and easy
  2. No limitations on data
  3. Safe & Secure
  4. Easy-to-manage
  5. Affordable and transparent pricing

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