Cloud Storage

Personal and Business storage from LTG, keep all your files in one place and collaborate with your co-workers and share with customers.

Upgrade your business with next-generation cloud technology. Local business, empowering local businesses.

Keep it simple. Make it smart.

GDPR Compliant

Your system will be compliant with the latest in data protection legislation – the General Data Protection Regulation laws. Security guaranteed. Compliance simplified – decrease your business risks and costs.

Priority Support

Customer service is our highest priority. You’ll be given a dedicated member of staff or manager to deal with your query, making system resolution easy.

Mobile & Tablet Access

Our system enables you to conveniently access your files across all platforms. Simply download the app! So if you’re on the go, we have you covered.

Sync Files to Devices

Synchronise all your media, documents and files. Mobile photos, and files between your laptop and desktop.

24/7 availability to all your digital content.

Remote Wipe

Remotely wipe your files at any time.

Chat & Messenger App

Our system offers seamless, instant communication between you and your organisation members. With chat, voice and video. Available on mobile and tablet.

All-in-one. Keep it simple. Make it smart.

View Email in the Cloud

Our all-in-one platform is all about convenience. You can perform all basic work tasks within it – including looking at your work email!

Manage Your Organisation

Assign administrators to your organisation and take a wide array of actions to keep your business properly administrated.

File Drop

Our platform allows for other users to upload files securely into folders within your account via our secure link. 

2 GB

Free with other services
£ 3

10 GB

£ 5 Monthly

100 GB

£ 10 Monthly

1000 GB

£ 20 Monthly