Burglar Alarm Installation in Liverpool

Specialist security alarm installation in the Liverpool area by LTG.

Secure your business with next-generation smart alarms. Local business, empowering local businesses.

Keep it simple. Make it smart.

Premium Tech

We install industry-leading alarm systems and high quality sensors! We also ensure our systems have a battery backup. Our alarms even have mobile connectivity and can link to a cloud platform – which allows you to view the status of the alarm any time it goes off and grants access to multiple users.

Smart Access

Our smart alarms tie into a central cloud management system, you can rest easy by accessing your alarm status from afar to see your property’s security status, via mobile, tablet or desktop.

12-month Warranty

We know that your alarm system is a long-term investment, so you’re guaranteed for the first year, no extra cost in case of malfunction.

Wireless or Wired

Your system, your choice!

Hybrid systems are available allowing for wireless and wired alarms befitting for your needs.

Annual Maintenance

We maintain your alarm yearly to keep it free from faults, keeping your business or home safe and secure and saving you money on repairs or replacements!

Lighted, Visible Deterrent

If your alarm box is lighted, it will be visible from afar which acts as an excellent deterrent to would-be criminals!


We know that figuring out new systems alone can be tricky – so we will always give you a tutorial upon installing a new alarm system!

Graded Alarm Systems

Built to UK and European standards. So you can rest easy knowing these meet the necessary standards. We prefer to use grade 3 alarm systems – this grade of alarm protects from intruders with expert knowledge of alarm systems and specialist tools.

Pet Safe

We have specialised alarms available designed to be aware of the movement of pets so that they are never triggered by your pet!

Wide Range of Sensors

From door, window, glass-break, flood to smoke, laser types and PIRs, as well as a variety of room sensors, we have the expertise to cover your needs.

Professional Installation

We have years of experience installing security alarms, and our expertise is extensive. With neat cabling, flawless set-up, quality hardware and efficiency, your system will be above industry-standard, guaranteed.

Best Value for Money

We won’t be outdone on value for money. Purchase your system from us and you’ll get a premium service while never having to overspend.

Feature rich Intelligent Secure alarms tailored to you.


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