Telecoms & Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Upgrade your business or home with VoIP telephones.

The telephone system giving you the full power of digital technology. Have landline calls on your mobile phone.

Be the professional you are. Local business, empowering local businesses.

HD Audio

Get the best for your money. No more fuzzy lines. Seamless communication.

On-the-Go Mobile

Take your calls with you. Call from a landline number on your mobile. Receive office phone calls to your mobile. Look professional, be professional.

Keep Your Phone

If you get your system from us, there’ll be no need to change your smartphone – simply install our adapter and you’re set to go.

Digital Assistant

As standard with our service, you get an interactive voice response menu. Directing customers has never been easier.

Keep Your Number

You’ll get to keep your number no matter what. All your contacts in the same place and on the new app. No inconveniences.

More Numbers

Add additional numbers to specific employees or departments, ensuring complete customer service and departmental efficiency.

Location Numbers

Add landline numbers from anywhere in the UK – maintain that local orientation. Or go national with a non-geographical number. Boundless.

Conference Calls

Call multiple people within your organisation from any device – optimal for COVID-19 lockdowns and time-efficiency.

Professional Convenient Dynamic VoIP to empower your business.

State of the Art, Intelligent Telephone Systems

Your system will give you total control, from any location. At LTG we want to give our customers cutting-edge, industry leading technology. 

We’ve chosen Yealink to work with so we can give you intelligence-led technology with a wide array of features – and to top it off, all of our systems come with crisp, HD quality audio.

Enterprise-Quality Mobile App

Fully featured mobile app for smartphone and tablet devices. Call from mobile phones, your landline and desktop. Direct business calls to a number of your choice - be efficient on the go.

Look professional. Be professional.

Take your calls with you - on mobile & tablet.

Our VoIP app comes with a variety of features to help you organise your business from anywhere, while maintaining your professional image.

Digital Assistant (IVR) included - as standard.

Using an interactive voice response system, we will set up a digital assistant for you to handle basic queries, via speech or keypad selection.

Personalise your IVR messages & prompts

Record customised greetings, messages and prompts to give your customers your brand's signature experience.

Collect caller information

Your IVR digital assistant will determine your customer's needs and transfer calls to the most appropriate agent/department. Direct your customers and remove human error from the process.

Automate customer support

Allow your customers to solve their own problems and obtain the information they require without speaking to an agent. Automated customer service made simple and smart.

Prioritise calls based on value

IVRs allow you to prioritise calls based on the caller's value. When a high-value customer calls, dependent on preprogrammed factors, the IVR will automatically route them to the most qualified agent or put to the front of the queue. Never lose a high-value customer!

Thrive on high-volume calls

IVR systems allow you to manage high-volume calls more effectively. Our IVR system can even arrange a callback with an agent as opposed to the customer waiting in the queue, if desired.

Boost your brand's image - look professional!

Smaller companies and enterprising startups use IVR to look bigger than they actually are. Not only does IVR look incredibly professional, it can imply the presence of wider departments irrespective of who answers the calls.

Conference Calls

Call multiple people within your organisation at once with the convenience of your landline number across any device you wish.

Keep Your Phone & Number

Our services work with your existing phone, fits our simple adapter.

HD Voice Calls

All of our systems come with HD quality audio technology. Never miss a beat on those important phone calls.

Add More Numbers

Your system comes with the capacity to add more numbers so as assign different numbers to different departments or agents, helping you stay organised and look big and professional.

Location Numbers

Have any area code that you want within the UK. Make yourself look like youre coming from a different city - ideal for businesses with multiple branches or that travel.

Pay as You Go

UK Calls to Landline & Mobile
£ 4
  • Flexible Pre-Pay Plan
  • Top-Up any time
  • Use your mobile
  • Multi-User
  • Low Call Rates

UK Call Plan

UK Calls to Landline & Mobile
£ 24
  • SIP User Management
  • Voicemail & Mailbox
  • Music on Hold
  • Integrated IVR
  • Conference Bridge
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Recording
  • Detail/Feature

UK & International Unlimited

UK & EU Calls to Landline & Mobile
£ 34
  • SIP User Management
  • Voicemail & Mailbox
  • Music on Hold
  • Integrated IVR
  • Conference Bridge
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Recording

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