Managed Wireless Access

Wireless Access

Businesses should adopt wireless access points and add a guest portal to its network setup. This will provide a secure and seamless connection for guests, staff, and devices within venues. The access points will be added to our partner ‘Giants’ cloud controller, which will allow for multiple wireless networks to be created.

These networks can be used to separate the rooms, floors and equipment from guest devices, as well as to enable wireless clients to roam around the venue with sustained connection.

The installation of the access points and guest portal also come with additional benefits.

For example, the guest portal could be used to offer free Wi–Fi to guests, with the option of supplementing it with sponsored content or advertisements. This could be a great way to boost revenue and provide a positive customer and staff experience.

We understand the importance of having a secure network setup and are confident that the access points and guest portal will meet the business’s needs.

Managed Guest Access

Wireless guest network portal provided by our partner company Giant. This portal allows guests to check in through their Facebook or Instagram accounts to streamline the sign in process.

This single sign on system allows guests to easily access the portal without needing to remember multiple passwords or usernames. This portal also provides a low–cost marketing opportunity, allowing you to collect customer data while remaining compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With the collected emails, you can integrate with Mailchimp to send out emails and mailshots to guests about news, offers, and more. The guest network portal also features quality–of–service (QoS) to limit guests‘ bandwidth to a percentage of the total network speed, ensuring that the companies computers and systems are given priority. This way, everyone is guaranteed a good experience and nobody is hogging the bandwidth. All of this is available for your customers with 100% GDPR compliance.