Computer networking allows for the sharing of data and resources, such as printers, internet connections, and software applications. Networking can be done through wired connections, or wireless connections such as Wi-Fi.


We can design a computer network by selecting the appropriate hardware components, such as routers, switches, firewalls, and other network devices; connecting them together; configuring the network settings; and ensuring the network is secure and optimized.


We present you with the project and resources, activities, and timeline needed to complete the project. The project proposal also outlines the budget and funding sources, as well as the timeline for completion.


The project build phase is the process of turning a project plan into tangible deliverables. It is the most important part of any project and typically involves a lot of coordination, testing, and validation.


During this phase, the project team puts their plan into action and delivers the product or service as planned. This phase includes all of the tasks, deliverables, and activities necessary to complete the project and transition it to operations.

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Network hardware, also referred to as networking equipment, is the physical components that are used to create a computer network. It includes devices such as routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, modems, and wireless access points. Network hardware is essential for any computer network as it enables computers to communicate with one another. Network hardware is used to connect multiple devices to a single network allowing users to share resources and data. Network hardware also provides security by allowing certain devices to be blocked from accessing the network. Without network hardware, networks would not be able to function properly.

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Your system will give you total control, from any location. At LTG we want to give our customers cutting-edge, industry leading technology. We’ve chosen Yealink to work with so we can give you intelligence-led technology with a wide array of features.

Our Services

We provides a comprehensive range of networking services for users, offering solutions to meet the needs of both consumer and business customers. We provide hardware and software to provide secure and reliable networking solutions, as well as technical support services to keep your home network running smoothly. 

Our solutions are designed to be easy to use, and also offer a variety of mobile access solutions to ensure you can access your home network from anywhere. 

Our services include wireless setup, router setup, and other network management tasks. With their services, you can be sure that your home network is secure, reliable, and tailored to your needs.



VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are widely used to provide secure access to a network, often over the internet. 

VPNs create an encrypted connection between a user‘s device and a remote server, which makes it difficult for anyone to intercept the data being transmitted. This added security can be used to protect sensitive data, such as financial information or confidential documents. 

VPNs are also used to access content that is restricted to certain geographic regions, such as streaming services, or to bypass internet censorship in countries with strict regulations. VPNs are an excellent way to add an extra layer of security to your online activities.


Remote Connectivity

VPNs create a secure, encrypted connection between a user’s device and a network server. This connection allows users to access the network server and all its resources as if they were on the same local network, allowing them to securely access files, applications, and other resources remotely.

Ideas for working from home and on the road.


Building Link

This type of network allows for greater scalability and flexibility than a traditional WAN (Wide Area Network), making it an ideal choice for businesses that need to connect multiple offices or locations.


Connect Multiple Locations

Wireless PTP links provide an efficient and cost effective way to connect two or more locations without the need for physical cables.

Fiber links are a reliable and costeffective way to connect multiple locations, allowing for faster data transfer and improved communication.

Rack Diagrams

We determine the size and layout of server racks to accommodate the customer needs.

It involves considering factors such as the number of servers and other IT equipment, the power requirements, cooling requirements, space constraints, and network connectivity.

It’s important to plan a server rack carefully to ensure that all components fit properly, are organized efficiently, and meet safety and power requirements.


Server Rack Planning

Server racks and network cabinets are essential components of any IT infrastructure. They help to organize and protect the hardware components of the network, as well as provide a secure location for them to be stored. Keeping the racks and cabinets tidy and organized is important in order to maintain the efficiency of the overall system.

This includes ensuring the cables are properly routed and labelled, the components are securely fastened, and that the power and cooling systems are functioning properly. Additionally, proper maintenance of the racks and cabinets helps to reduce the risk of equipment damage and data loss, as well as improve the reliability and performance of the network.

Logical Network Planning

Logical network planning is a service that provides businesses with assistance in designing and managing their computer networks. This service helps businesses identify their networking needs and develop a plan that meets those needs efficiently and costeffectively.

It can include such services as analyzing the current network infrastructure and proposing new solutions, creating a network architecture and topology, designing and implementing network security measures, recommending hardware and software solutions, and providing ongoing network monitoring and maintenance.

Logical network planning can also help businesses develop strategies for integrating new technologies into their existing networks.

IP Planning

An IP plan is a document that outlines an organization‘s IP address management strategy. It includes information about the IP addresses used, their allocation, and how they should be monitored and managed.


Colour Coded

Colour coded patch cables are cables used in various electronics, such as audio and video equipment.

These cables are typically made up of two or more insulated wires, with each wire carrying a different colour code. The main benefit of using colour coded patch cables is that they make it easy to quickly identify the correct connections. For example, when connecting two video components, one can quickly identify the right cable by simply looking at the colours of the cables.

Colour coded patch cables are available in different lengths and with different connectors, making them very versatile.

Your Network Your Way

This allows us to integrate with your existing infrastructure and operations , minimizing disruption and making it easier to maintain.

Furthermore, building to your specification also ensures that the product meets the customer’s expectations and requirements, resulting in a product that is tailored specifically to the your needs.

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ISP Services

The company provides comprehensive networking services for ISPs, offering a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of their customers. Their network solutions are designed to be reliable, secure and scalable, enabling ISPs to provide a high quality of service and customer satisfaction. 

The company also provides managed services, offering consultancy and support to help ISPs get the most out of their network. They provide a comprehensive set of solutions to help ISPs optimize their networks and provide the best possible service to their customers. 

The company provides a full range of services to ensure that ISPs can deliver quality services to their customers, including network design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance. These services are designed to help ISPs maximize their network performance and provide their customers with a superior experience.

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