Pre Install

Installing conduit and cabling before a build is completed is an important step in the construction process. The conduit provides a secure pathway for electrical wiring or data cables to be run between locations. It also provides protection from environmental hazards like water or bugs. Cabling is the process of connecting different components together, such as computers, routers, and switches. Once the conduit and cabling are installed, the build can be completed. This ensures that the wiring is safe and the components are connected properly. It also reduces the risk of electrical fires and other hazards. By completing this step during the build, the finished product will be safer and more efficient.

First Fix

We install cable routes, tray and conduit to allow you to continue with your project.

Future Proof

Provide wiring availability in each of your rooms/offices so that you can upgrade later on without disruption.


Planning ensures compatibility with the system and other applications. Planning also helps to minimize problems, such as data loss or corruption, and can help save time and money when it comes to troubleshooting.


Choose any installer or ISP to connect to our cabling. We can work with your current provider to install cable seamlessly.

Power Data Fiber Telecoms Controls Audio Video Preinstalled

Room to expand

Work within your cabling budget. We spec to provide room for you to expand later on should you need to.

Multi service.

Let us preinstall your cabling for Coaxial Ethernet Fiber

Cable Tray

“Bringing your cable installation needs to a higher standard.”


The Easiest Way to Route Your Cabling

Highly Accessible

Route your cabling from point to point. Allow cable to be run after installation.

Protect your cables

Conduit is a great choice for wiring because it offers superior protection from moisture, fire, and corrosion.

Providing Essential Infrastructure

Infrastructure that enables access to communication, electricity, and other services.

Protect your cables

Allows for the safe and efficient maintenance of cables and networks. Accessible underground cable ducting also enables the efficient connection between different types of networks and services.

Underground Ducting

Underground ducting is a great way to protect your wiring and cables from damage caused by exposure to the elements.
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